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Spectacular trails
Adventurous side trips
Comfortable lodging
Delicious meals
Interesting trip partners 
Guides deeply rooted in Alaska

Run Alaska Trails offers the best way to see our state: a blend of activity on foot and adventurous side trips enjoyed with like-minded people and professional guides. 

Born out of passion for sharing the best of our state, we curate all-inclusive trips for the active traveler who enjoys fully-immersive experiences: 

Our runs: we show you our favorite scenic and uncrowded trails. High alpine or seaside or valley, our runs are tailored to guests’ experiences and abilities.

Our adventures: in addition to trail time, we get out on wildlife cruises, glacier hikes, and other only-in-Alaska outings to round out your time in the Last Frontier. 

Our guides: are Alaska-born and raised locals who live, work, play and love in Alaska. Your guide may be an avian ecologist or oceanographer or teacher or paramedic; you’re able to ask questions and receive real answers regarding our culture, history, environment, and current affairs. 

The vibe: we want you to feel as if you’ve been invited up to Alaska by your friends. We build trips with particular affinities in mind which results in instant community when our groups come together.
There's no one else in Alaska doing what we do, the way we do it.
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