The trails we tread wind their ways through Southcentral’s most spectacular backcountry.

They take us through valleys, over hills and up into high mountains, where we stop to breathe and let our souls soak up the views. Each day, we tackle trails from 3 miles long (how hard can that be?) to 17 miles or more (across the “street” from Denali), with elevation gains from “easy” to upwards of 5000 feet.  We curate runs for our clients. What does that mean, you ask?

We certainly facilitate the runs, but Alaska is ultimately in charge. conditions change daily and even hourly. Weather is one concern, but others include ice, snow, mud, and water. Some trails are temporarily avoided due to bear “activity” and occasionally even closed due to a mad moose (*see above re: “Alaska is in charge”).

As example, Kesugi Ridge is 18 miles of awesome, but when you add in mind-blowing views of Denali, this run is absolutely stunning.  Alas, the “Great One” creates her own weather and only makes herself available about a third of the time; when we remain flexible, we catch her on a clear day.

Our guides help guests select locale, length and difficulty of our daily runs as a function of current conditions and group mood. It’s an inexact science, but they are really, truly, good at it.

woman trail running Alaska
trail runner in Alaska
trail runners in Alaska